Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is a guest post by Courtney, the unofficial official member of the Jones clan. I mean, you've seen the wooden rings, right?

If you thought your dog was the one who had committed the most heinous offense at the cabin yet, let Bingo's roof hopping put you at ease. The first time it happened, Tony yelled, "Bingo's on the roof!" As a photojournalist, I was torn--do I run in and grab my camera because it's so darn cute/funny or do I rush to save my dog from falling 8 feet or more to her demise? It was a tough decision. We chose life.

Later, whilst sitting on the dock with Albert and calling Bingo's name to no avail, we suddenly heard the telltale pitter patter of tiny feet on roof. Luckily, we were camera-ready this time. Careful not to call her name from lakeside so she wouldn't launch herself off in that direction, we ran up to the opposite side and lured a freaked-out Bingo to the safe edge.

Thanks to Tony for the swift camera work. The cam certainly balanced the weight of the wine in his opposite hand.

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  1. perhaps she smells the remnants of the dead animals that we pile on the roof each spring? nice work bingo!