Monday, June 21, 2010

On Behalf of Doug and the Fish Guts

First, some context. Sarah thought the best way to remember to bring home the fish guts was to place them in the recycling bin. Of course! Well, not really...on the way home she exclaimed, "Oh $hit! I forgot the fish guts!" The next weekend, as Ted was trying to show off the cabin to his California friends, he encountered a stench that sent him gagging, hunched over down the road (see below). It was only Doug who could handle the mess...

Actually, I'm the one who should blog about the fish guts because I'm the one who had to deal with it since Ted wimped out and walked away (talk about puke in the driveway!!)  Fortunately, Tony came up with the great idea of pouring chlorine bleach over it to kill the wigglies and the smell.  So I stopped on the way up, got some bleach and did that.  Only problem was, after letting it stand over night, I still had to get rid of the mess.  So I dug it out of the garbage can, carried it down across the creek and buried it where I hope the dogs won't find it and dig it up.

 Then I had to deal with the cans; I doubled bagged them and hauled them to the recycling center in Crosby.  Then I had to clean the garbage can which I did with more bleach and soap.  Whole thing shot a lot of the day - but its gone.  If anybody does that again, guess who is going to clean it up.

Medal of Honor (Eagle Lake style) for above and beyond would be appropriate!

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