Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Chimes

Attention, everyone. Ted and Sara's wonderful gift of chimes have been hung by Doug on this windy day, and their beautiful sound is wafting into the cabin.

Pat's USA flag chimes, on the other hand, were relegated to a cupboard with the comment, "We'll have to find a place to hang these."


  1. that's it... wedding is off

  2. Hey, Pat. Please reconsider. I emailed Tony defending the chimes you gave us, and he assured me that his blog was funny. I'm trying to understand that... but I know we have too much money paid out in deposits now for you to change your mind about the wedding.

  3. Priscilla:
    I'm glad Pat called off the wedding because now I can go to my 50th high school reunion. And I called the Planks to let them know as well so Bill can plan go to his 50th too. Works out great!! Thanks, Pat buddy. (Too bad about the money though. Maybe Alli will reimburse you. Or maybe Pat can sell those chimes and give you the proceeds.)