Sunday, March 8, 2009

Us 1, Tree 0

This year's first winter excursion to Eagle Lake was a success, if you define success as killing nature then drinking in celebration. Our hats are off to Sir Peter Hoffman. After the chain saw spun out of control, maiming Huck and leaving Ted with only one good eye, Pete fearlessly took up the saw used by Paul Bunyan himself, and for the next 7 hours battled versus the oak before it finally fell before him. Pat would have helped relieve him, but he claimed to be running into town to grab a movie. Curiously, he returned with a tanned glow. Alli was inside doing woman's work (whatever that might be). It was an epic battle, but we were victorious over the oak.

Nah, that didn't happen. The tree came down in about three minutes, and after that we didn't quite know what to do. Good thing we brought the Jamison.

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